Invisibles - with a limited edition print

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Artist / Author name: Christiane Peschek

Date of publication: 1.June 2015

Place of publication:  Fetsund, Norway

Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm + 148mm × 210mm

Edition size: 200

Cover/binding Type: Hardcover

Type of printing:

Number of pages: 51 pages + 8 pages

Publisher: Einer Books 

Language: English / German


ISBN: 978-82-997882-5-0

With limited edition print, comes in a serie of 10. Numbered and signed.


"Invisibles" is a game, a match between what's shown and what can be hidden, challenging the viewers position as an observer. At the same time thinking the spectator as something and the image as nothing. With this body of work, Christiane Peschek reveals images which confuse reality and fiction. 

"invisibles" provides an impetus for contemplation regarding the ways in which the technical images relates to reality: The illusion of photography. 

Is our seeing predetermined by what we already believe?

Memory means chaos. The hesitation each image confers becomes the beginning of a something that never completely unvails. It's more than seeing, it's believing."

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