Public Secrets

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Artist / Author name: Visvaldas Morkevicius

Date of publication: September 8th, 2015

Place of publication: Berlin, Germany

Dimensions: 32 x 22.5cm

Edition size: 500 copies

Cover/binding Type: Softcover/ Swiss binding

Type of printing: offset

Number of pages: 96 pages

Publisher: self - published

Language: English

ISBN: ISBN 978-609-408-773-8


The Public Secrets project is a collection of urban experiences. The geography of these experiences spans both the city’s nightlife (as well as what’s left behind the scenes) and private spaces which provoke and, often, dictate specific actions. The city is a setting that produces situations, in which one can participate and, by participating, change the contours of this space, at least in the sense of perception and seeing.

The author captures the environment (the city and its people) in a distinctive manner that is intimate, subjective and minimal. These are poignant sensations, charismatic characters, public stories and private truths. Yet the photographer never violates privacy, as, while being a participant and witness of events, he focuses on eloquent details of the situation. Vivid shots become an individual phenomenological study comprising scenes from the backstage of culture and everyday life, which are as crucial for getting a comprehensive and genuine view of the city as is its official, façade image.

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