Slices of a big mess

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Artist / Author name: Christophe CANIS

Date of publication: April 2015

Place of publication: FRANCE

Dimensions: 14,8 x 21cm

Edition size: A5

Cover/binding Type: 300g demi-mat soft cover / Perfect bound (glue)

Type of printing: Digital - Black and white on 170g demi-mat paper

Number of pages: 48

Publisher: Self

Language: French



Mini-book from the exhibition "Slices of a big mess" for the "Nocturnes de l'art comtemporain" (Botox) in april/may 2015 - Nice. (Limited 50 copies - signed)


This is a part of my photographic story which I call my "mess". It is there and always there although it arrives, as a mass which I drag behind me and to whom I am emotionally attached.

No guidelines, photos taken by instinct, intimate or not, sometimes taken without precise reasons, without directions. Just a moment to capture a kind of reality, freeze a state, catch a glance and without doubts to invent myself a life.

This is a part of my road, of what you gave me, of what I gave you, of what I was able to feel.

All this is an attempt. 

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