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Artist / Author name: Giovanni Del Brenna

Date of publication: July 2014 (typing error inside says ©2012)

Place of publication: France (printed in the Netherlands, design : Heijdens Karwei, Amsterdam)

Dimensions: 170 x 230 mm

Edition size: 800

Cover/binding Type: Hard bound / silk printed cover 

Type of printing: Offset

Number of pages: 132 pages (14 half pages)

Publisher: Self Published

Language: English + extra booklet in Italian and French

ISBN: 978-2-9549552-0-9



 "My idea is that you enter in this book as a travel book for an imaginary city where you get lost by not knowing where it is – you think you are somewhere, it feels familiar to you, but it is elsewhere. "

Ibidem is about globalization, about how global cities are becoming more and more alike. Ibidem is a imaginary city composed of 10 real ones. Ibidem is a diary of an unrooted person in an unrooted city. 

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