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Artist / Author name: Adam Forrester

Date of publication: 2013

Place of publication: Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A.

Dimensions:          8.25” x 10.75”      

Edition size:          300

Cover/binding Type: Saddle Stitched

Type of printing: Full Color Digital Press

Number of pages: 28-Pages

Publisher: Perigee Press         

Language: English



Summary of the book/project: 

SUPERMOON is a collection of images and text based on the impact of the moon’s gravitational pull upon nature and human behavior. SUPERMOON utilizes photography’s evidentiary nature to depict objects, scenes, and metaphorical representations of the stories provided. Each story included in this series utilizes factual data such as specific dates and lunar distances, while local myth, criminal records, as well as hearsay provide the basis for the short form narratives found throughout the series. The work addresses peculiar phenomena related to lunar distance. At the same time, this work is intended to promote a discourse regarding the veracity of photography by calling attention to the amalgamation of fact and fiction that may sometimes occur as historical accounts are passed from one person to the next.

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