Burden Of Freedom

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Artist / Author name: Emina Djukic

Edition: 300 (numbered and signed)

Color or B/W: Color
How many photographs: 88
Pages: 176
Hardcover/Softcover: Hardcover
Size: 15 x 23 cm
ISBN: 9789612769390
Year Published: 2014

Publisher: Self published
Language: English


This project is an attempt to reflect an autobiographical subject about finding one’s own way, presented trough a photographic story. It is about personal questionings that are a part of zeitgeist, and thus also collective, or at least generational. More precisely, it is about the questions of making, random as well as groundbreaking, decisions in contemporary multitude of potential and a consequential confusion of an individual, who needs (at least vague) frame, for his/her freedom. It is about cycles. About finding order in chaos.

  • Throughout the story various genres, techniques, styles etc., are combined which while decoding encourages unexpected connections between individual photographs as depicted motifs are read as metaphors and symbols. Exactly that transformation was the basic strategy of combining and assembling (editing) different pictures into one unified whole. It is an approach that to some extent enables the translation of internal (invisible) to the external (visible). The main part of the project is a book, which can be read in numerous ways and although the primary story offers sequential reading, like all photographic books it also assumes skipping, returning or non-linear reading, where a “reader of photographs” can seek and create his/her own personal stories. Second part is a photographic installation, a sort of work in progress, while every new exhibition space becomes a platform for a new, similar but different story – because confrontations of different images impact different meanings, thus, different stories.

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