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Artist / Author name: Klaus Pichler

Date of publication: 2015

Place of publication: Vienna

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Edition size: 450

Cover/binding Type: hardcover wrapped with 2mm textile and flocked 'DUST' logo, handmade

Type of printing: printed on uncoated paper

Number of pages: 110

Publisher: AnzenbergerEdition

Language: German, English


The thing is, we are controlled by a compulsion to get rid of dust. Dust, we believe, does not agree with us, because it conceals everything we create. Dust is the devil’s trap, revealed only once it has caught its prey. Haven’t we been forever treading all evil into the dust? Was the snake not cursed to grovel in the dust? 4’s photographs have shaken off the demons. They urge us to look more closely next time we sweep dust and grime onto a pan. We always used to call it dirt, blind to this whole universe. Only now do we realize how privileged dust mites actually are. They live in palaces of amazing beauty and it has never once crossed their minds to vanish into a cloud of dust.“ (Josef Haslinger, 2014)

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