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Artist / Author name: Jagoda Wisniewska

Dimensions: A5 portrait size

Edition size: 13

Cover/binding Type: soft cover, saddle stitch

Type of printing: digital print

Number of pages: 40

Publisher: Yukatan Press

Language: Polish


Through this series of photographs I depict feelings of melancholy and pessimism that accompany human existence in post-modernity, often linked with the state of uncertainty. The word Weltschmerz (German: ‘world’s grief’) describes the prevailing mood of sadness and powerlessness that is also associated with the poets of the era of Romanticism that arose from their refusal and inability to adjust to the realities of the world. The project draws upon one’s hopelessness and sadness over the evils of the world, and one’s feeling of discontent about reality’s clash with the ideal. In this project I reflected on my personal impressions generated by the social and economical momentum effecting Western culture at present.

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