You Have Your Family I HAVE MINE Vol 1

Price: €20.00

In stock: Yes

Artist / Author name: YHY FYHM Collective

Dimensions: 24 cm x 32 cm

Edition size: 100 copies

Type of printing: mixed (offset, risograph, Kodak Nexpress digitalprint)

Cover: Folded A1 poster

Binding type: stapled binding

Number of pages: 32 pages

Publisher: self-published

Language: english

Date of publication: 2014

Place of publication: Vienna, Austria


Moments which are frozen in the lethargy of the heat – this book combines the photo work of six photographers, which all contributed loose particles of summer days that overlap to tell a new tale: It is not the individual photo’s story anymore, but the puzzle of each viewer’s own summer memories it evokes. That feeling that you want to hold on to for the colder months to come, when it’s already melting down like ice-cream under the blistering sun. You Have Your Family I HAVE MINE is the first edition of a series that syncs with the seasons, the winter edition will launch at the end of 2014.

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