Habana Frikis

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Artist / Author name: Rebecca Topakian

Dimensions: 15.2x2.9 cm

Edition size: 14,4x19cm

Cover/binding Type: soft cover

Type of printing: laser printing

Number of pages: 32

Publisher: self published

Language: french + english translation on a separate page

Place of publication: Arles, France 


Habana Frikis is a fanzine-like book documenting the cuban punk/hardcore/metal scene in the context of political and cultural closeness. In Cuba, internet doesn’t exist and no contact whatsoever is possible with the rest of the world – people can hardly travel and are not allowed to speak with tourists. Listening to rock music in a country where rock’n’roll was forbidden until 1966 is a very controversial political gesture and the “frikis” (spanisation of “freaks”) appear as rebel to the government.



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