Other City

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Artist / Author name: Jens Masmann

Dimensions: A3, 297x420 mm
Edition size: 100
Cover/binding Type: Lockstitch Binding
Type of printing: digital,Indigo 5500
Number of pages: 50 plus 18 A5
Publisher: selfpublished/million books


Other city is dealing with urban space in different grades of abstraction. THE LONGER EXPLANATION: other city is showing (urban) space in different grades of abstraction; starting with grey pages, completly abstract, not describing any room, pictures of the sky on the site next to it start to build up a room in combination with the grey pages, the A5 pages inbetween add a threedimensional element to this room, showing a space with depth themselves, made up with cardboard. the large format cityscapes picture space in the least abstract way, rather realistic, but still with some elements of abstraction, for example large monochromatic surfaces or by showing architectural elements as basic geometric forms through staggered arrangement and collocation.

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