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Artist / Author name: Paul Veron (Amazilia Photography)

Photographer: Amazilia Photography (Paul K Veron)

Name of the plate: Brave

Name of series: Dynamic Fine Art Nudes – Series 1

Size:          c. 52 x 35.5 cm
Edition size:  5

Print type: Monochrome Print (Professional Laboratory)

Paper type: Fujifilm Crystal Ultra HD Matte Archive Maxima



About the Project - Dynamic Fine Art Nudes – Series 1

 All images are from a series shot in professional studios over a couple of years with several models selected for their athleticism and flexibility. The project sought to capture the wonderful combination of female beauty, strength, bravery, elegance, grace and skill in a short series of Dynamic Fine Art Nudes which contains original and striking poses. The resultant images are a true collaboration between each and every model and the photographer. The aim was very much to produce photographs which make the viewers stop and pause to look deeper into the images; on the one level to simply admire the wonderful work created by the athletic and beautiful women, while on a deeper level also feeling some personal connection with the subject of the art.


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