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Artist / Author name: Karolina Maria Dudek

edition of 50 copies, individually numbered and signed 

5.8 x 8.3 in

52 pages
human hair individually placed on each cover
black & white digital print


about project:



Karolina Maria Dudek is a Polish artist living and working in London. Her practice combines photography, video, installation and site-specific work.

She seeks to identify the effects of twentieth-first century’s fin de siècle atmosphere on everyman’s existence. Her observations are oscillating between the human as an individual and the human as an element of complex world structure. Dudek's work, often intuitive and ephemeral, explores in a very poetic way the ‘everyday’ and often enquires allegory within the rational modern world.


Pilorum is a series of black and white images influenced by passing time and death. ‘I rediscovered my mother’s wardrobe. She had passed away 20 years ago but we still keep some of her belongings. I can’t specifically describe what I felt studying her possessions – a rational sentiment, perhaps? Certainly I knew that these objects once belonged to the person I loved, but that I could not feel the same pain as I used to. Alongside her dresses and shoes were several things she used during her long stay in the hospital, like a half eaten chocolate bar and a small mirror. There was one very special object that I decided to take with me - her hairbrush. My mother’s hair still remains on it.

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