Ghost / Warrior

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Artist / Author name: Joscha Steffens

Dimensions: 21 x 28 cm

Edition size: 500, numbered

Cover/binding Type: Saddle Stitch

Type of printing: Offset-Printing

Number of pages: 68 

+ Text Insert, 30 pages, Essay from Florian Arnold: Vom Kampfgeist der Photographie (On the Combative Spirit of Photography)

Publisher: KHM Publishing

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-942154-31-4



How does modern warfare function in times of simulation? Where does the playing end, and where do things start in earnest? 

The photographs by 16 are no conventional war photographs: they show a game with the game of war, as it occurs on a weekly basis in some out-of-the-way homestead in the Federal Republic. The photographed warriors are career soldiers or wannabe career soldiers, gathering on weekends for “softair” battles in order to take a digital death, increasingly alienated from them, seriously again in a playful way. The reality of our present-day wars has itself long since transitioned into a war simulation, in which computer freaks stand their ground as today's heroes. By re-simulating the simulative reality of war in analogue war games, these “nerds” express an existential plight, a lack and a need: they have unlearned dying – although, symbolically, they are already dead, the realness of death has been lost to them. They range between these two deaths. They are “Ghostwarriors”. 

The photographic volume "Ghost / Warrior" includes the text insert "On the Combative Spirit of Photography" by Florian Arnold – an analysis of the representation of post-modern war in simulation. 



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