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Artist / Author name: Christoph Schieder

Date of publication: October 2016

Place of publication: Berlin
Dimensions: 11x15 cm
Edition size: 100, numbered, signed
Cover/binding: leporello glued into gray cardboard cover
Type of printing: offset
Number of pages: 11
Publisher: Christoph Schieder

Language: photographic



After the sudden death of his father, Schieder became aware of the importance of the belongings of a deceased to the survivors. In Schieder’s typical reduction, he pictures nine objects of his father on simple white background. With a radical restriction to the individual object and the absence of any ornamental accessories, Schieder expresses his helplessness related to death. Only one photo of the series — a picture of his fathers passport photograph — unostentatiously stands out from the others black and white photos by using colour.

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