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Artist / Author name: Kazuma Ogaeri

Date of publication: February 2016

Place of publication: France

Dimensions: 15 x 20.5 cm (5.9 x 8.1")

Edition size: 500 copies

Cover/binding Type: Double Softcover with French flaps, Lay Flat binding

Type of printing: Color Offset

Number of pages: 144 pages (93 photographs)

Publisher: Lieutenant Willsdorff

Language: Jp / En / Fr

ISBN: 979-10-94963-01-2



Moso operates a subtle shift in the world around us to a universe full of sexual tension which is both powerful and delicate, like suspended: a distortion from the fantasies and the eye of the photographer.

It poetically explores the traditional representations of the Japanese eroticism in four chapters: ?? la fille – ?? la nature – ?? le train – ?? la femme

Former rock musician, composer and producer, Kazuma Ogaeri was commissioned in 1991 as a photographer for the Japanese Magazine Hot-Dog PRESS. He therefore devoted himself to his passion and founded in 2004 a photography school based in Tokyo. His work focuses primarily on ordinary women and students - his models are all amateurs

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