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Artist / Author name: Attilio Solzi

Date of publication: September 2016

Place of publication: France

Dimensions: 15,3 x 20,7 cm (6 x 8,1”)

Edition size: 500

Cover/binding Type: Hardcover

Type of printing: Black and White Offset

Number of pages: 120 pages (99 photographs)

Publisher: Lieutenant Willsdorff

Language: En

ISBN: 979-10-94963-03-6




In the early 2000s, the Via Sammartini neighborhood in Milan and the San Berillo district in Catania were infamous for petty criminality and theatres of various other misdeeds. 

This is also where the two main groups of transgendered sex workers in Italy lived and worked (Brazilian in Milan, and Italian in Catania). 

Attilio Solzi captured sensitive and intimate photographs of them. Dollhouse fondly shows these portraits of men who are midway between women and divas

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