Ghosts In My Car

Price: €29.00

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Artist / Author name: Andreas Frei

Date of publication: 2015
Place of publication: Munich, Germany
Dimensions: 22cm x 13,5cm
Edition size: 100
Cover/binding Type: handmade thread cornerbound
Type of printing: Indigo
Number of pages: 32
Publisher: million books
Language: English/German
"When my grandfather died of Alzheimer`s, he left to me his BMW and a box of old family photographs. At some point, he had written notes and names on the back of the portraits to remember who they were. After my grandfathers death, when I was on the way to a mechanic in the former Eastern Block frontier region of southern Bohemia, the out of time country around me made me think about how little I knew about my ancestors. I realized how very alike my grandfather must have felt at the end of his life."

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