Moscow White Dreams

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Artist / Author name: Rosa Rodriguez

Date of Publication: 2014

Place of Publication: Madrid

Dimensions; 21 x 29,7 cm

Edition size; 100 + 15

Cover/binding type; Softcover / staples

Type of printing:  Digital black and white printing, paper X-Per 120 gr

Number of pages; 28 pages

Publisher: Self-Published

Language: English




Interested in learning more about the world's largest country with a communist regime and seeing firsthand how they adapted in a capitalist world, I visited Russia, eager to see the transformation of Russian society after opening itself to consumer markets.

I arrived in Moscow in winter, I chose this time so I could see the city in its most common state, given the long, brutal winters in Russia. Before visiting Moscow, I thought I would find a modern, globalized city because it's been more than two decades since the fall of the Soviet Union, but my experience was very different. The atmosphere in the city plunged me back into the former Soviet Union. The images that surfaced are full of melancholy, reflecting a time that no longer exists but somehow still remains.

This project is completed by the project called China In Progress, which was developed between 2014 and 2015. Russia and China, the two largest countries in the world that had--and have--communist regimes, highlight the complexity of communist regimes in a capitalist world.

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