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Artist / Author name: Mark Duffy

Date of publication: 2015

Place of publication: Vienna

Dimensions: 21 x 28 cm

Edition size: trade edition of 400 copies (plus special collector's edition of 100 copies) the trade edition has 4 different covers to choose.

Cover/binding Type: the cover material is of the original election campaign boards.

Type of printing: Offset Print

Number of pages: 56

Publisher: AnzenbergerEdition

Language: English



The Irish landscape was littered with electoral campaign advertising during the recent European, local and national by-elections. ‚Vote No. 1′ documents this and examines the culture of election advertising in Ireland. The series focuses on the accidental, and often gruesome, disfigurements the electoral candidates‘ faces suffer – an unintended consequence of their posters‘ erection. These images reflect the Irish electorate’s increasing disillusionment with the political process after years of harshening austerity politics.

The book was selected as the 1st Prize of the ViennaPhotoBookReview at the ViennaPhotoBookFestival in June 2015 by the following jury: Gerry Badger, Andreas H. Bitesnich, ?Josef Chladek, Nela Eggenberger, Peter Gössner, Manfred Heiting, Rob van Hoesel, Rainer Iglar, Klaus Kehrer, Dominique Kempers, Calin Kruse, Harald Latzko, Ania Nalecka, ?Colin Pantall, ?Johannes Schlebrügge, Hannes Wanderer.

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