Ex Corde

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Artist / Author name: Rodrigo Ramos

Date of publication:  November 2015


Place of publication: Mexico city


Dimensions: 38 x 27.5 cm


Edition size: 500


Cover/binding Type: 8 diptychs of paper in a folder


Type of printing: offset printing


Number of pages: 32


Publisher: selfpublished


Language: latin, english, spanish


ISBN: 978-607-00-9374-6



My interest in the topic of the body led me to undertake a documentary project with boxers. I still wanted to give it a specific meaning, so decided to make an exploration of male vulnerability.  For this purpose I photographed boxers from different disciplines and I chose to distance myself from the sport in it self.  Bringing the topic back into my own context, I looked for images that referred to pain and fragility.


Inspired in the painting of the saint and martyr Sebastian, Ex Corde —a Latin expression that means "from the heart"— attempts to assess human experience.

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