Boy Story - a picture book for boys

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Artist / Author name: Magnus Arrevad

Date of publication: November 2015

Place of publication: UK

Dimensions: 29 cm x 29cm

Edition size: 1000 copies

Cover/binding Type: Hardcover; black cloth with pink silk screen print

Type of printing: Duotone

Number of pages: 214

Publisher: Red Room Books

Language: English/visuel

ISBN: 978-1-943278-43-5 



“They had invented a world in their own image, with their own gods and their own ceremonies. It wasn’t just about sexuality, though of course this was a large part. It was about being. The application of makeup each night was one in which a mask was taken off, not put on. I wanted to document this process of liberation.”


Magnus Arrevad’s Boy Story project is a journey through the international, subterranean world of male performers, burlesque, go-go dancers, cabaret singers and porn stars. As we travel through dimly lit dressing rooms, bars and bedrooms in New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen (as well as County Sligo in Ireland and a trailer park in Tacoma) we are introduced to Go-go Harder, EvilHateMonkey, The Luminous Pariah, BigChief Random Chaos, Dusty Limits, Blanche DuBois and many others (“the real Hedwigs” as the New York Times referred to Arrevad’s subjects).


Unlike the myriad of ‘burlesque performance’ photographic works, Arrevad chose instead to focus on the performers off-stage, often in their most vulnerable moments, often applying make-up or getting into costume. Coupled with his singular ability to remain both inside and outside a scene, this allows him to display the poignancy and vulnerability of his subjects alongside their sexual charge.


The images of these often very private moments push the viewer into the position of voyeur.


“The performances are debauched, magical and often hilarious, but underpinning it all is a grave sense of purpose; to bring the dream of oneself into being. What the subjects of Boy Story have allowed me to do is to watch them constructing their inner selves.”

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