Portrait #003 Christina

Price: €1,450.00

In stock: Yes

Artist / Author name: Robin Butter

Photographer: Robin Butter

Name of the plate: Portrait #003 Christina

Name of series: It takes my mind off things

Size: 96x120 cm Edition size: 4

Print type: C print, mounted dibond

Paper type: Fine Art


'It takes my mind off things' is a wonderment at and interrogation of the shooting culture in the Netherlands. In this provocative piece, Robin Butter poses the question; has the Netherlands always been a 'secretive' gun-nation? Secretive in that it has a long-standing fixation with firearms that is systematically hidden and denied.
In her uncloacking issue, Butter's point of departure the country strict control over nature; The Netherlands is a nation that has litarally reclaimed land from the sea to build it's country. This trend of man bending nature to his will continues in the Dutch approach of cultivating flora and fauna, a practice that necessitates hunting. Butter goes further in examining the firearms fixation in all of it's many manifestations: from the political-economic sphere of transnational interactions - the Netherlands place in the top five for creating firearm components in Europe - to the socio-cultural realm of the individual - the joy many Dutchman find when firing at shooting ranges, a tradition that has existed for over a hundred years. Think of the famous Dutch painting of the 'Nightwatch' by van Rembrandt van Rijn probably one of the oldest paintings of a shooters range, in that time called a marksman guild  portrayed

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