15m2 of freedom

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Artist / Author name: Angeniet Berkers

Date of publication: June 18th 2015

Place of publication: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dimensions: 32 x 23 cm

Edition size: 750 copies

Cover/binding Type: softcover with open back

Type of printing: Offset (Drukwerkconsultancy, Bunnik)

Number of pages: 76 

Publisher: Self published

Language: English

ISBN: 816182838453004


On just a few squatted terrains in The Netherlands there are people who choose to live trucks, vans or trailers. It is fascinating to see how these people 'obtain' their freedom because it isn't always that easy to live this way.


There isn't that much space, the water isn't always running, a toilet (compost toilet) usually is a little further down the road, you have to chop wood to heat the stove before having a little warmth etc... Most of the terrains have evolved into cultural breeding grounds where festivals and concerts take place. In the Netherlands it's a subculture that has become more and restricted because of the repressive policy of the government and project developers. It has become expected of everyone to live in a 'normal' way – in a house.



'15m2 of freedom' is a search for freedom and the constant paradox that follows with it. Will you get a sense of freedom when you reduce your possessions and throw away all excess baggage? Isn't it just a 'state of mind' that allows a person not to care so much about what one 'should' do, or is 'supposed' to do. And what if the terrain you are living on is maybe going to be evicted? 


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