Keep an eye on what you see

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Artist / Author name: Yury Gudkov

Date of publication: 2015
Place of publication: St-Petersburg, Russia
Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 25 cm
Edition size: 100 copies
Cover/binding Type: Hardcover
Type of printing: Digital offset printing
Number of pages: 128
Publisher: Self published
Language: English




This book is about unsolvable situation which take place between continuous contemplation and process of monotonous surveillance. The central question of this work is how our attention is being caught by objects we see, how we become fascinated by seeable in general.

There is no way out of the givenness of your vision. I see, I perceive. All the attempts to control this process are vain. It seems that I choose myself what I see. However, I just wallow in what I am given and I can't help it. Seeing involves me in continuous interaction. I see and I am seeable at the same time. There are no winners. I hide, I avoid any contacts, I watch from the shelter. It seems that I am safe. That I handle the situation. That I just watch. In fact, I am initially in the toils. I'm trapped by what I see and play by its rules.

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