All-Time Lotion

Price: €18.00

In stock: Yes

Artist / Author name: Maury Gortemiller

Date of publication: 2014

Place of publication: Atlanta, GA

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Edition size: 500

Cover/binding Type: Perfect binding, 80# cover stock

Type of printing: Indigo Digital Press

Number of pages: 38

Publisher: Self-published


“All-Time Lotion” is a collection of images produced 2007-2013. This series investigates the beguiling qualities of photography. Traditional cameras are recording devices that capture light information accurately yet deceptively. They are misleading in that lenses do not ‘see’ in accordance with human vision. I am also interested in blurring the distinction between images spontaneously created and those that are staged and/or altered digitally. I mine the Janus-faced elements of photography.

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