You Have Your Family I HAVE MINE Vol 3

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Artist / Author name: YHY FYHM Collective

Photographers: Susanna Hofer, Peter Jaunig, Paul Pibernig, Katharina Poblotzki, Chloé Thomas, Aleksandar Todorovi?,

Date of publication: May 2015

Place of publication: Vienna

Dimensions: 165 mm x 235 mm

Edition size: 200

Cover/binding Type: Japanese Bookbinding

Type of printing: Silkscreen, Offset

Number of pages: 64

Publisher: self-published

Language: english



Yhy Fihm’s second edition evokes the hoary tradition of a family photo album, with each member of the family in this case interpreting and re-interpreting their own relation to an imaginary clan. While reaching for glimpses of human nature and interpersonal tension, the album searches first for a place of belonging, rooted in the abstract: a familiar structure; patterns; skin; mountains; concrete. This substrate comprises the collection’s common ancestry. Just like sibling rivalry, the individual images compete for attention — overlapping, cutting each other off, fighting for space — but almost always sharing ice cream at the end of the day.

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