Molar Formations

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Artist / Author name: Matteo Pasin

Date of publication: October 2014
Place of publication: Milan    
Dimensions: 145x210mm    
Edition size: 100
Cover/binding Type: Saddle Stitch
Type of printing: Indigo digital offset
Number of pages: 30
Publisher: Yes I am Writing A Book
Language: English



“In this centralized humanity, the effect and instrument of complex power relations, bodies and forces subjected by multiple mechanisms of segmentation, we must hear the distant roar of battle.” Starting from this words by Michel Foucault, 8 enquires the city with this photographic research. The city, as a molar machine, keeps organizing the multiplicities, imposing a geometric order to them. But fluxes can’t be completely restrained, and so in 8’s work we can testify unexpected swayings, fractures and rhizomatic concatenations.

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